INFINITE possibilities,
                                           are best EXPLORED,
                                                                              in SECURE environments!

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We Breath Cybersecurity!

infinite possibilities!

*Ours is to work with You to secure Your information assets, Yours is to worry less and focus on Your core business*

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Esecure-Lab is an information security research company that serves as a one-stop solution for all your data/ cyber security needs. In the cyber world which is increasingly becoming a necessary part of our physical life; people, resources and assets are categorized into two;
        *. those that are hacked and known and hence corrective action triggered.
        *. those that are hacked and are not aware or known.
Statistics indicate that hackers spend an average of 6 months in systems without being discovered. A question we often get from organizations is, we are small, and have no enemies that we know of. Are we in danger of any attack. Our answer is YES.
        * Do you have employees in your organization
        * Do you have confidential company information you don’t want splashed around
        * Do you have company secrets, analysis or strategies that support your sales and will never want them leaked to a competitor. 
If an organization’s answer is yes to any of the above questions then our strongest advice is to consult us and we can work with you to design, develop and activate a security strategy.

“Assets” are defined as property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies and every company has them. Most organizations seem eager to secure the physical assets and will go to any length to achieve this. However, while this is crucial, organizations need not disregard their “virtual” assets causing them to remain vulnerable to everyday cyber incidences. As organizations evolve, some of this assets are increasingly being published(availed) online. Web applications, organization profiles(websites) and client/ supplier Intranets are just but a few examples and their online presence not only avails great convenience and increased productivity but also makes them prime targets for malicious attackers who desire to exploit security vulnerabilities in the hope of financial gain, espionage, stealing of Intellectual properties or to be used as pawns in driving political agendas.

We are a team of experienced security specialists focused on keeping our clients offensively prepared for all cyber incidences if and when they occur. Much as we are available for all security solutions, it remains our desire to engage our clients long before they are compromised ensuring that your organization remains offensively advantaged. Collaboration and intelligence gathering for us is very key and this why we partner with some of the industry’s best to ensure that we leverage on daily incident surveillance and technology updates hence enabling us customize solutions our clientèle.

How we do it

Security Audit

We work with you to identify your virtual assets, then periodically carry out security audits on the information infrastructure to harden it as a target while continually checking the organization’s security posture, keeping you steps ahead of the myriad malicious hacker schemes.

cyber security training

We continually train resident security teams and staff on the need for alertness, industry best practice, security standards and conformity thereof. Since security is not an event but a continuous engagement with information and technology, security training must be consistent.

Incidence Response

We work with you to put monitoring systems in place, identify incidents as they occur, determine their severity, safely contain them if need be, report and draw lessons for future alertness.



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